From the time a person enters this world till the time his breath doesn't stop, he meets many people, day in and day out, taking away beautiful memories with him which he recalls one fine day while sitting and counting what he has gained out of his life, even if not gained, yet experienced and treasured all the years!! Yes, that's what our Team intends to do as the Name suggests - NEXUS.

NEXUS- The team offers you a platform where you meet people, get together with them to have fun, to learn from their skills, to make them gain insights from your experiences, and also to give you some special moments of laughter, combined with victory!! Yes, we organize the Mega Event of FORE i.e the Annual Management Fest of FORE called Genesis along with the Freshers and the Farewell. The former connects the Foreians with the other B-Schools, makes them compete with them and showcase their talent whereas the last two help make the bond between the seniors and juniors much stronger.

Genesis- The Annual Management Fest is a two day event which sees a footfall of 1000-1500 students everyday from various B-Schools from all over India. Various business games are organized for these two days. It has always been marked by presence of eminent personalities like Pranab Mukherjee, k.Subramanium and to make the event even more memorable there are DJ's nights and bands like SilkRoute, Tantrik, Parikrma and many others to rock the evenings.

Apart from the Mega Event 'Genesis', we also organize Freshers and Farewell. So, basically our team goes one step further and puts efforts to make you enjoy, party hard, feel at home on your freshers and revive your pleasant memories on the Farewell.

Team NEXUS makes you get out of your hectic schedules and gear up for the party mode. Nexus brings out the best in all who approach its orbit…it imbibes in everyone a culture of perfection in organizing, working in a team and optimizing opportunities. It gets you working hard…and partying even harder. Team Nexus takes FORE to a higher platform we share with the best B-Schools and excellent B-Minds and gives Foreians great moments they can cherish forever!

Junior Team
Siddharth Datta (FMG 17)
Rohit Nagpal (FMG 17)
Richa Chugh (FMG 17)
Manpreet Singh (IMG 2)
Richa Chopra (FMG 17)
Gaurav Gehlawat (FMG 17)
Dheeraj Chanda (IMG 2)
Rajat Phawa(FMG 17)

As for this year, Genesis is scheduled for the third week of October. The site has already been launched.