Genesis 2007

Genesis 2007 – an event where more than 1000 heels gravitated for two days to share, learn and remember. Like every year since its birth, Genesis has been one of the most publicized events in the NCR region; an event highly acclaimed and lauded among the students across all B Schools of India.

The event took place on 2nd and 3rd November, 2007. It kickstarted as the clock struck 10:00 on the morning of 2nd with the inauguration ceremony. Dr. Seema Sanghi, Director, FORE School of Management was the esteemed chief guest for the function. The Chief Guest addressed the gathering followed by the addresses from the Student as well as the Faculty coordinator of B School Interaction Forum, Nexus.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for something. This was the Bizz Quiz; the prime attraction of Genesis 2007. It was a privilege to have Mr. Gautum Bose, the renowned quiz master with us for Bizz Quiz, loaded with high quality questions in his bag which were very difficult to handle for some. There was an amazing participation from the audience also and some even ended up with prizes for the same.

Genesis 2007 had something in store for all the geeks under the management umbrella, be it Marketing, Finance, HR, etc. These were high class events prepared by Foreians putting in days and nights of sheer hard work and knowledge and it required participants to flex their grey cells dealing with contemporary issues rather than with the age old theories. Just two things were required – sharp analytical skills and knowledge and the trophy was yours.

Some great people from the industry landed to test the metal of students. These were our esteemed judges from the corporate world. The battle was quite rigorous and thrilling and only the most deserving teams emerged victorious. The two days were fun and entertainment for everyone. The afternoon of 2nd taught management but the evening belonged to the Cultural Night which was on 2nd. It was another feather in the cap and saw outstanding performances from the Foreians like skits, theme dance performances and some also trying their voices with the mike. After a long day, the students relaxed during this time and enjoyed the maximum they could.

While the formal games were for the selected few, there was much more in store for the others also. The breaks in Genesis were not empty but were rather filled with the informal events which tested the students on various fronts and gave them the opportunity to come forward, play and enjoy.

Like 2nd, 3rd November was also a long day but just to end with something which was implanted in the memories of many. It was the DJ Night; a time to tap your feet and was nothing less than a rock show. The music was simply awesome and even pulled the uninterested to the floor. It was a time for everyone to ease them off their tiredness. Also foreians and students from other B Schools came to know each other better.

All in all, Genesis 2007 left memories if nothing else. It will be remembered for its high quality games, fierce competition levels and most importantly an overall experience of FORE.

Like in 2006, Genesis 2007 was also highly acclaimed. Living up to its image of being the most publicized management events in the NCR region, it was fun filled two days that left unforgettable memories in the minds of each and every one. The event took place on 2nd and 3rd November, 2007. It kicked off at sharp 10:00 am on the morning of 2nd November with the inauguration ceremony. Dr. Seems Sanghi, Director, FORE School of Management was the esteemed chief guest for the function.

Carrying on the past tradition, there was lightning of the lamp by the esteemed chief guest followed by Vandana and the FORE song. Then there were speeches from the Nexus coordinator, Mr. Jasdeep Singh Manchanda; faculty coordinator, Dr. Gaurav Agarwal and chief guest, Dr. Seema Sanghi.

Soon after the inauguration ceremony, the most exciting part of the began. It was the business quiz; this time called the Bizz Quiz. The renowned quiz master this time was Mr. Gautam Bose. It lasted for around 2.5 hrs and was very much liked by everyone.

The other games this time also were based on different management domains like marketing, finance, HR and dealt with contemporary issues prevailing in each. These were – 1. Market Maven – It was an integrated marketing communications game which required participants to present a communication plan encompassing various parameters. 2. Veni Vidi Vici – This game was about starting a new company and financing it which includes negotiate funding with investors, etc. 3. MR War – This was a market research game which required contestants to carry out a research on some product or company given to them. 4. Drishtikone – This was a business plan contest in which participants had to present their business idea and the various technicalities related to it. 5. Metier – This was a HR game and required participants to present their views on a HR situation which dealt with some current issues.

Apart from these, there were informal events like Ad Mad, Tug of War, etc. There were also two online events like Treasure hunt and online business quiz which met with huge responses from B Schools across the country. There was also a Cultural night on 2nd and a DJ Night was on 3rd November, 2007.

The response for these games was huge. All the leading B Schools including all the IIMs, NMIMS, XLRI, Nitie, IIT Delhi, FMS to name a few, participated. Just for instance, online business quiz which was a 6 day event saw an average of 400 entries each day. All the games received on an average 50+ entries from leading B Schools with Drishtikone – the B Plan contest taking the lion’s share with 200+ entries.